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S1CK is my codename for a narrative-fps framework I've been making. Currently this demo includes a last stand mode, some test maps, and something like 40% of the first act of the campaign. This project essentially includes a full AAA creation suite, but I've currently dropped it in favor of paying projects.

I made all of the models, code, music, and the vast majority of the sound effects, unless otherwise stated in the game credits.


  • 10 different guns, with 6 types of guns.
  • Two types of melee weapons
  • 4 Enemy types
  • Procedural, Dynamic animation
  • Detailed weapon handling mechanics
  • Realtime Reflections
  • Day/Night Cycle

There is a large number of bugs, which I know about but have not had the time to fix yet. I also had a hard drive failure and have to remake some levels, so please show interest in this project if you would like these changes. Since there's a few bugs, I will allow you to use my cheat codes.

Cheat Codes (~ to open console):

NOCLIP - Fly and clip through terrain
SLOMO - Slow down time
RESTART - Reload the current level
GOD - Become invincible
LOAD levelname - This is only really useful if you know the name of levels, so you should really only use this one if I tell you to.

This is by far my favorite project, but I've set it on hiatus, as I needed to focus on work that would pay my bills. You can hire me by email at jobs@Enemby.com


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Version 2
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Version 2
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Version 2

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